Unblocked at School

UnblockedSchool.com is a web based unblocker that allows you, the user to unblock restricted websites at school, college, university or workplace by bypassing LAN restrictions while remaining unidentified for any third party. We function as a safe channel between you and others protecting your online identity from visited sites.

Your internet privacy is ensured as we make sure that any sensitive information like your IP address and operating system/ browser profile be undisclosed to any external website you may have been to. Complete anonymity to the outside while you freely access best of the web is guaranteed as we substitute private data with our own. They only log us, not you.

We also offer an advanced feature where you can choose browser agent from 'Edit referrer' interface and allow you to turn off JavaScript and Flash for maximum security.

An easy to use web interface with advanced options accompanies one of the best places to unblock at school. Make sure you have script support on when using our unblocker to access Facebook. We also support streaming YouTube videos.

Your feedback is important as it helps us improve our service. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

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Firewall censors do not make an unblocker to live long. Once they get to know, it will be blocked forever. It is more than sensible to open a secret channel just for fresh unblockers. Why not join our Yahoo group so that you will be among the very first to know when a fresh unblocker sees daylight.

New Unblockers

Our unblocker protects your freedom of expression, however we do not endure any abuse of our service which is offered at no cost and operates exclusively on advertising revenue. Do take some time to go through our terms of service and privacy policy. We have strived to ensure our users with a smooth and hassle-free service by putting into place many precautions.

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